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Dishes from around the world such as chicken curry with pilau rice, beef bourguignon, sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles, and jerk chicken could be menu items at a hip restaurant, but for many schools in London they’re on the lunch line.

That’s thanks to JPL Catering, a school meal supplier that aims to revolutionise school food by providing students with healthy, affordable, and chef-created dishes.

The Food School Plan

In 2014, JPL were selected by The National School Food Plan to design and develop their menus to be used as guides for all schools across the UK.

Interview: Executive chef Edson Lopes Junior inspired free school meals

In 2009, Junior brought his passion for cooking to a Hampton Court school, consulting with the kitchen and revolutionising their school lunch program. By bringing healthy, delicious and fresh food onto little ones’ plates, Junior has made a total difference in many children’s lives. Some of them had never tried fresh, raw vegetables before, but the experience of eating with their classmates made them eager to try new ingredients.

After visiting and working in schools and seeing a dire need for healthy school food JPL is committed to working with local schools and children’s programmes to foster a love of good food in the young minds of the UK.

The company’s hope is that students eat tasty, healthy food. The founders both say that will help students succeed in the long run.

"This is the best school dinner I’ve ever had. It’s a model of the revolution in school food that Jamie Oliver hoped to start, and that Vincent and Dimbleby hope to encourage."

- Boris Johnson @ The Reach Academy, Feltham

The Guardian: School dinners: pupils given a taste of quality

Our Philosophy

We believe strongly in nourishing the minds and bodies of tomorrow’s leaders, and that is why we ensure that we adhere to the following philosophy:

  • We are passionate about engaging parents about the importance of healthy eating with monthly newsletters and more.
  • We arrange regular tasting days to increase lunch sales so that more pupils can have a nutritious, hot meal.
  • We believe that a balanced lunch can be a delicious and fun way for children to learn about nutrition and become empowered about their own diets.
  • We support pupils in developing their taste buds and mainly use family dining to encourage other reluctant students to try different dishes.

Our Schools


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