A pioneer in school catering

JPL Catering is an established school catering expert who are pioneers in the provision of high quality food for schools. We currently provide complete catering services for a number of schools in London and pride ourselves on our expertise in catering for children’s nutritional needs, in the most professional and effective way possible. Due to our vast experience, as well as our innovative approach to improving the quality and nutritional value of school dinners, JPL was selected by the National School Food Plan to create menus for their nation-wide scheme to improve food in schools. The innovative and healthy menus created by JPL are currently used as guidelines for schools across the UK and we are proud have also been chosen as a School Food Ambassador.

Nutritious food for healthier future generations

JPL provides a healthy, fresh and nutritious approach to school food while still maintaining a high degree of taste satisfaction amongst today’s discerning youth. We aim to support young learners to enjoy mealtimes whilst encouraging them to try new dishes and appreciate diverse flavours.

School catering service

What makes JPL such a successful school caterer?

  • High quality, fresh ingredients featuring both seasonal and local produce
  • Exciting, fresh menus prepared daily on site
  • Themed menus, bespoke staff catering and packed lunches for trips
  • A dedicated support team throughout the life of the contract
  • Our commitment to a continuous, long-term partnership
  • Specifically designed After-School Club menus
  • Creative food intervention methods with students, such as:
    • One on one “cook offs” with students
    • Slow introduction to hot food
    • Meet the Chef opportunities
  • Experienced and informed approach to all aspects of health & safety
  • High level of customer care and communication
  • Student and parent focus groups to feedback and suggest improvements
  • Regular meetings to discuss all aspects of the service
  • Full support in communicating and promoting the catering service to families

Maintaining high standards

High quality is one of the cornerstones of our approach and this is of paramount importance for our school catering. JPL ensure that high standards of not only quality but also health and safety are maintained in the delivery of all our services. This is implemented through regular quality control checks and monitoring, strict adherence to all health and safety legislation and in-depth training for every staff member on all aspects of safety and quality. We also go the extra mile in terms of maintaining food quality by carefully monitoring food portions according to recommended standards and creatively taking practical measures to maintain freshness and nutritional content when cooking and serving.

Keeping children safe

JPL Catering is acutely aware of the need to maintain high levels of safety for children; both in terms of safe food preparation and allergy awareness, as well as with regard to safeguarding considerations. Our safeguarding policy and training is carefully imparted to all staff members and this is complimented by responsible recruitment, including full DBS certification.

Proactive approach

JPL also take a proactive approach towards allergy awareness and management. We maintain full allergy awareness information on all our sites, as well as meticulously cross-checking all our dishes across the 14 major allergen ingredients and a having a dedicated member of staff working alongside the Head Chef to ensure awareness of all allergies and dietary requirements. For specific requirements, we implement additional measures for support and reassurance, such as meeting with parents and students to plan suitable meals

Creating enjoyable meals

JPL is fully supportive of each individual school’s ethos and approach to learning and we work with you to ensure it can be reflected in our catering provision. JPL can assist in all aspects, such as designing kitchen and dining areas to create specific eating cultures, to maintaining optimal levels of food satisfaction amongst students and staff. We have also proven effective in communicating with interested parties such as parents and governors, about how our service reflects positively on the school overall. Our aim is to be a valuable member of the school’s team and enhance all aspects of the school reputation and experience.

Bite Back 2030

JPL is cooperating with celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Henry Dimbleby to tackle child obesity by 2030. Currently 20% of children in the UK are obese by the time they leave primary school, our aim is to half that figure by 2030.

Contact our school catering team

For any query relating to our school catering service please contact our friendly and responsive team.

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