JPL Catering is passionate about fresh, modern food that brings a smile to your lips and warmth to your heart

Food that brings a smile to your lips and a warmth to your heart

Highly experienced London caterer

JPL Catering is a highly experienced catering provider, led by the top Michelin trained chef, catering expert, and cookbook author; Junior Lopes. The company has over a decade of experience providing the highest quality food and catering service for weddings, events, schools and corporate clients. JPL Catering also provides a comprehensive consulting service for other catering businesses seeking guidance on all aspects of outstanding catering provision.

Exceptional catering for weddings, events and schools

JPL prides itself on the outstanding reputation that it has built up over the past decade in the weddings, events and schools’ sector, consistently delivering exceptional quality for all customers.

Expert corporate catering and consulting

JPL catering provides complete corporate catering solutions for businesses and organisations of all types and a high level of expertise for other catering companies who require advice and guidance on any aspect of high quality catering provision.

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Discover more about JPL Catering’s history, vision and approach to catering and for any enquiry please contact JPL’s friendly and responsive team. Publications authored by our CEO, Junior Lopes, can be viewed and purchased in our online shop.