A passion for fresh food and high quality service

JPL Catering is a company with a passion for fresh and innovative food and high quality in all aspects of our service. In the decade of its existence, JPL has had the privilege of providing outstanding catering for innumerable weddings and events, taken responsibility for catering for young learners in schools around London and supported many businesses by providing great food, service and guidance.

Reaching our community

JPL’s vision is all about reaching our community. It is through our relationships that we can express our love of food and thrive. Our shared vision and commitment makes us a unique team of passionate and committed individuals.

Our vision

Our vision is to impact our community to make wise food choices, to encourage everyone to become fearless with different flavours and to find pleasure and happiness in their food. The hallmark of our service is that we go the extra mile to serve good food for all those we encounter and that the quality of everything we do must be excellent – that’s the JPL difference. We also strongly believe that it is our duty and responsibility to inspire future generations to eat fresher and healthier.

Social responsibility

JPL Catering takes its responsibility to be ecologically aware and give back to the community very seriously. This is reflected in the way we source our meat, produce and dairy locally and strive for seasonal menus; thus reducing our carbon footprint by avoiding the need for food imports from across the planet. It also allows us to support local farmers and British producers, following a vertical supply chain as closely as possible. We take pride in the fact that our catering service makes farm-to-table eating possible, and in fact, some of our school clients grow and harvest some of our food on site. In these instances, we are happy to assist in teaching the children about harvesting and cooking food directly from the earth.

Ecological and health awareness

JPL strives to implement ecologically responsible methods wherever possible. We recycle and compost as much as we can and most of our food is delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes, from local producers – minimising our use of plastic. We are also passionate about the health and wellbeing of our clients and community and that is why we do not use any deep fat fryers in our kitchens for example. As a result, we have very little oil waste and the minimal amount that is produced, is stored safely and collected by a locally licensed waste contractor. JPL also endeavour to provide a high standard of food safety and first aid training for all staff members.

Supporting vision rescue

JPL is proud to support the non-profit charity, Vision Rescue; whose mission is particularly close to our hearts. Vision Rescue works tirelessly to free children from all forms of exploitation by providing educational support and empowering them to make good life choices. Amongst their various humanitarian initiatives, is a programme to provide nutritious meal for children living in the slums of Mumbai.

Their future today

We are proud supporters of Their Future Today, a charity that aims to improve opportunities for children by helping disadvantaged families stay together as well as ensuring children’s education.

JPL Catering founding story

How JPL Catering came into existence and its founders

Our story

JPL Catering was the brainchild of two industry professionals, from a second generation catering background, both with a passion for great food and committed to succeeding through strong client relationships. Our CEO and co-founder Junior Lopes had always been dedicated to the art of cooking and long before he gained his culinary qualifications, had experimented with flavours and enjoyed hosting family and friends for exceptional meals.

It was his partnership with his wife, Pamela Rea Lopes, an executive in the finance industry that brought the necessary skills and expertise together to create the beginnings of an effective catering business. Pamela became aware of the unique talent and expertise that Junior had developed and the need for both quality and expertise within the catering industry - together they formed JPL Catering. It has been a combination of Junior’s culinary talent, expertise and ability to impart his knowledge and Pamela’s management, focus on customer care and expanding the team with talented individuals, that has allowed JPL to consistently delight and satisfy their clients.

The team

JPL catering is made up of a team that consistently strives to carry out the best possible service in all aspects. See some of our key team members below.

Junior Lopes

CEO & Co-founder

Pamela Lopes

CFO & Co-founder

Barbara Ferreira

General Manager

Hugo Alho

Executive Chef

Ines Ferreira

Office Assistant

Rodrigo Honorato

Head Chef

Jefferson Santos

Head Chef

Elton Fonseca

Head Chef

Amen Gebremedhen

Head Chef


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