JPL Consultancy

We have had many clients ask us how they can improve their own commercial kitchens, restaurant service and/or catering businesses. We’re one of the top caterers in London, but that doesn’t mean we are afraid to help our competition!

We are proud to offer a catering consultancy that can transform your kitchen, win you rave reviews from customers, and increase your bottom line dramatically. We offer attractive packages and affordable rates to help you with the following:

  • Immensely improve the quality of your food with hands on, cross training and experience.
  • Lower your food costs and provide advice about acquiring the finest ingredients at the best prices.
  • Help you to understand and implement market trends.
  • Unique and effective training and development of staff.
  • Development and financial planning.
  • Supervising inventory and stock control.
  • Training your staff in new culinary concepts and implementing organisational methods.
  • Full supervision of your kitchen brigade.
  • Transforming your school meals with balanced menus that kids (and adults!) love.
  • Helping you create better tasting daily lunches (we had many compliments about this!)
  • Creating tailor-made dishes for allergies, religious observances and diet restrictions.
  • Enforcing hygiene regulations, allergies, health and safety at work, and your cleaning schedule.
  • Motivating and appraisal of staff.

Our consultancy services do not interfere with any ongoing catering contract – we know that any client can benefit greatly from Junior's vast experience. In no time at all, his advice will have a positive impact on your business, both financially and nutritionally.