Our Vision

Our vision is to impact our community and beyond to make wise choices when it comes to their meals. Is to encourage everyone to become fearless for eating a variety of ingredients and finding pleasure while having a meal.

We will go the extra mile to serve good food for all. And there isn’t a connotation between good and healthy, it is just a matter of how you prepare it. We strongly believe that our passion will inspire the future generation to eat fresher and healthier. Our dedication and commitment to quality set us apart from the rest. That’s the JPL difference.

JPL Social Responsibility and Corporate Ethos

The team here at JPL Catering believes in giving back to the community and ensuring that we are as easy on the environment as possible.

This is why we source our meat, produce and dairy locally, and our menus are based on the season, thus reducing our carbon footprint as we do not have to import food from across the planet. We love to support local farmers and smaller scale British producers, following a vertical supply chain as closely as possible. Farm to table eating is possible with JPL catering. In fact, some of the schools that we work with have their own small farms, and we are always happy to teach the children about harvesting and cooking the food that comes directly from the earth.

We compost and recycle whenever possible, and most of our food is delivered in paper boxes from local producers - we use very little plastic.

We want everyone to eat healthily and happily, and that is why we do not use any deep fat fryers in our kitchens. As a result, we have very little oil waste; what we do have is stored safely and collected by a locally licensed waste contractor.

At JPL Catering we provide all of our staff with food safety and first aid training courses to improve their knowledge, allowing them to conduct their jobs more professionally and confidently.

We are proud to support Vision Rescue, a non-profit charity that is close to our hearts. Vision Rescue works tirelessly to free children from all forms of exploitation by engaging in education, which empowers them to change mindsets and make good life choices. They have several programmes including providing nutritious meals for children living in the slums of Mumbai.