JPL School Catering Best School Dinner
Edson, Founder of JPL Catering with children at Hampton Court House.

School Catering

“This is the best school dinner I’ve ever had”
- Boris Johnson

Oftsted has awarded JPL school kitchens ‘Outstanding’. Ofsted were particularly impressed by the quality and variety of healthy food being served to the children and staff at both public and state schools in Surrey and London. With an average of six salad options per lunch, soup, a main meal, vegetarian option and dessert, all made with fresh ingredients, there’s no surprise JPL push the boundaries of school lunches. (Parents and visitors are sometimes found in the lunch halls).

JPL School Catering also caters for extra curricular school events such as PTA meetings, school performances, open evenings, parent evenings, cheese & wine nights, barbecues and picnics.


School Lunch and Kitchen Consultancy

We pride ourselves on not just meeting the legal regulations when catering for a school but also producing menus that inspire and provoke curiosity in children (and staff) to eat a varied and healthy diet. All of our staff our CRB checked and are fantastic company with children.

JPL in the News

Why school’s love JPL

  • Reliable suppliers
  • Food preparation
  • Special ovens and equipment
  • Slow cooking
  • Tasty, healthy food
  • Variety
  • Friendly staff

School Partners

Hampton Court House School proudly partnered with JPL Catering

Reach Academy, Feltham, West London partnered with JPL Catering